Meet your Hosts

Presenting the hosts of the Freakin' Awesome Podcast! After all isn't it a little easier to listen in when you get to know your presenters a little better? 

Anthony Boese

Anthony draws his unique brand of humor from his childhood not to mention life situations he has found himself in over the years. He is a public speaker, Graphic Designer, Board Game developer and Hosts an online show called Brew Nation Canada where he analyzes Ontario Craft Beer and shares his thoughts with the world.

Though not political, he has an opinion or two and continues to vote so he has a right to speak his mind about them.

Now that he looks at this, he says it seems boring but at least he had the courtesy not to take his picture after FAPing in a public bathroom like the guy below.

Matt Guy

Leaving behind his old life as a pole dancer in the mean streets of Calcutta, he has set his sights on one goal, and one goal only: To create the greatest podcast the world has ever known. He doesn't need to plug in all of his skills like the guy above *Cough* Tony *Cough* - but he does have a particular set of skills, skills that make him dangerous for other podcasters like you. He will find you, and he will FAP you.